The incredible crafts of Jabalpur

Pithora painting
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Jabalpur is an important city located in the Madhya Pradesh state of India. It is also designated as “Sanskaar Dhani” of Madhya Pradesh, meaning the cultural capital. Jabalpur has also preserved its crafts tradition, and homes the experts in-

  • Handloom
  • Pithora painting
  • Marble stone carving
  • Terracotta
  • Woodcarving

Let’s have a look at these art forms in detail. Continue reading “The incredible crafts of Jabalpur”

Experience the Floating Market of Alleppey

Floating Market of Alleppey
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Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha is a beautiful administrative town located in the Kerala state of India. It is the oldest planned city in the region. The city is also famous for the historic lighthouse built on the Laccadive Sea (also known as Lakshadweep Sea) coast. On your trip to this wonderful town, do experience the Triveni floating market. Continue reading “Experience the Floating Market of Alleppey”

Mussoorie: A shopping guide

Tibetan prayer wheels
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Mussoorie is a popular hill station located beneath the Himalayas in the Uttarakhand state of India. People visit Mussoorie mostly during summer holidays, to spend a relaxing vacation when other parts of India is facing the scorching heat of the sun.

People tend to bring souvenirs from their trip, but there is more to shop in Mussoorie. Let’s have a look at the distinct items you can shop from Mussoorie. Continue reading “Mussoorie: A shopping guide”

Shopping ideas in Visakhapatnam

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Our first suggestion if you are heading out for shopping in Vizag (Visakhapatnam)- Walk through the lanes, ask for the price of the items you like, ask price of similar items at different places and then decide from where to purchase. The vendors bargain as well, so you can try your bargaining skills too.

Following are some of the souvenirs and useful items you can shop from Visakhapatnam. Continue reading “Shopping ideas in Visakhapatnam”