Best places for Shopping in Udaipur

shopping in udaipur
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When we have such an amazing time in Udaipur, we definitely want to shop some memories from the place we recently visited. Are you thinking about what to shop and where to shop in Udaipur, then you have landed upon a right place. In this read, we will share what is unique in Udaipur and what are the popular places for shopping.

What can be taken as souvenir from Udaipur

Udaipur is famous for the miniature paintings, inspired by Rajput style. In the local markets, you can find handicrafts, silver jewelry, wooden toys and art pieces, antiques, etc. You can also shop puppets as a home decor item.

puppets in udaipur

If you are looking for something unusual, then you can shop cloth lanterns and handmade papers. Pottery items made of both clay and metal are available in the markets in Udaipur, but we would suggest alternate items, as pottery items are delicate to travel with.

Shopping for clothes in Udaipur

clothes shopping in udaipur

You can find a huge range of Batik printed clothes here. Tie-Dye fabrics, especially tie-dying on georgette is famous here. You can visit Rajasthali and Sadhna emporium for a variety of products. These are the government owned emporiums, hence you can be sure about the prices as well.

Shopping for Handicrafts in Udaipur

If you are looking for art pieces to take home from Udaipur, then Hathi Pol is your place. You can get here some exclusive pieces of Pichwai and Phad paintings of Rajasthan. You can also visit the Shilpgram village, very close to the Pichola Lake to buy some rural art pieces.

shopping in udaipur

Apart from these, the popular shopping streets in Udaipur include Chetak Circle, Bada Bazaar and Palace Road, where you can find a number of souvenirs and gift items.

If you are planning two days trip to Udaipur, we suggest booking a cab for the entire trip as one of the simple travel options. This way you can hop around the city without having to worry about to and fro visit.

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Best places for Shopping in Surat

Shopping in Surat
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Surat is the textile hub of India. The city is one of the important destinations for shoppers and textile business persons. People even shop in bulk for their wedding as well for gifting from Surat. If you are at Surat and giving shopping a skip, is a big miss.

In this read, we bring to you the popular shopping items and places in Surat.

Sahara Darwaja

Shopping Saree in Surat

Sahara Darwaja is a popular textile market in Surat. One can find here the exclusive silk sarees like Tanchui, Ghazee, and Kinkab. The clothing also has intricate zari works. There are government emporiums and private retailers, both of which offer textiles at competitive prices in this market sphere.

Surat Thani night market

People in Surat mainly visit the Surat Thani market for food. From evening to late night, the market is filled with vendors selling different delicacies. Because of an active gathering of people, the cloth and utility market also evolves during evening hours and you can find some very good clothing, handicrafts, wooden art pieces, bags, shoes, etc.

Diamond markets in Surat

Diamond in Surat

Apart from textiles, Surat is also a renowned place for diamond and diamond cutting. The top markets include Varachha and Mahidharpura. You can find thousands of diamond merchants here providing customised diamond cuts and jewelry. The price of jewelry making at these markets is also lesser than the other markets in India.

You can also shop for imitation jewelry, paintings, cutleries, and other items from Surat. Chauta Bazaar is a good place for buying cutleries. For artificial jewelry, you can visit Baroda Prestige and Shanivari market. There is yet another popular place for textiles known as the Old Bombay Market.

You can also book intercity cab to Surat from your city for the entire day and enjoy the shopping, dumping bags after bags in the car.

Happy Shopping!

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Best places for shopping in Mumbai

Shopping in Mumbai
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Mumbai is a highly populated city in India. Since it is the business capital of the country, it offers enormous opportunities to the people. And where there are people, consumer goods become a large market. That is why one can do shopping in Mumbai at a dirt cheap price and that too without worrying about the quality.

Shopping for imitation jewelry

Shopping in Mumbai

If you wish to purchase some trendy jewelry, the Colaba Causeway is the best choice. Although my personal preference is buying jewelry from the vendors in Local train, that becomes anecdote for tourists as their timings and collection vary. Other places to shop fancy jewelry are the crawford market, Fashion-street, and Linking road. A few minutes walk from Dadar station is also a great place to buy imitation jewelry.

Shopping clothes

fashion street mumbai

There are three main markets to buy clothes at the cheapest possible prices. One, the Fashion Street, near Fort Area. Two, the Linking Road market near the Bandra Worli Sea Link, and three, the Mangaldas and Mulji Jetha Market near Kalbadevi in South Mumbai.

Shopping Antiques

chor bazaar mumbai

Hop on to Chor Bazaar near Mohammad Ali Road in South Mumbai. You can find some really good antique pieces here. Whatever be the name of the market, not all products here are stolen. But since the place people occupy to sell is illegal, you can find a sudden burst of people collecting their items and vanishing.

Shopping chocolates, dry fruits, and spices

Crawford market near CST railway station is the best place to shop for chocolates, dry fruits, and spices. You can also find exported fruits and other grocery items at a very reasonable price here.

Shopping for Art

kala ghoda mumbai shopping

You can shop paintings, art pieces at Kala Ghoda in the Fort Area in South Mumbai. What’s more, you can interact with the artists to know about their techniques, etc. Jehangir Art Gallery area, about 3 kilometers far from Kala Ghoda is also a good place to get portraits done, etc.

Shopping for books

book street mumbai

There was a small book stall in my office area, and when I interacted with the vendor, got to know, he was an Editor once!

Such is Mumbai. You never know who is whom. Anyways, you can find huge book castles (they have really arranged the books to sell like a castle) in the Fort area, near Fountain.

Shopping for electronics

You can find the electronics and repair shops for a very reasonable price at Manish Market, two stations before CST railway station. You can also get a taxi from CST to reach Manish Market.

If you wish to spend days of your trip to Mumbai in shopping, we suggest hiring a cab for the entire day. This can save you from the hassle of local trains and the rising meters of rickshaws. You can also book an intercity cab and travel to nearby hill stations.

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