Building a new kind of travel company

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Gozo is almost 5 years old. We started on October 2015 with the central goal to build the most trusted travel experiences provider in India. 

Trust is the key for any successful business. 
Trust in our people. Trust in our customers. 
Trust in yourself to do the right thing. 

In the last 5 years we have come a long way. We started out with a focus on one-way travel across India.  We heavily to promote our message Travel one-way, Pay one-way. 

Slowly and steadily Gozo built itself into a company with amazing nationwide reach and great prices for customers. 

We did this by keeping great transparency  – not just within our teams (employees, vendors and drivers) but also with our customers. We continue to do this today.  For those of you who do not know why we created Gozo – 

Gozo was created on 4 pillars and we continue to march forward with those same principles as our guiding light

We use the acroynm PURE.  It stands for

  • Great Prices – We offer you the lowest possible price for a budget service, give you amazing price transparency and try to be upfront in disclosing all terms right when you create a booking.  By being honest, we tell you things you may or may not like to hear upfront but this one aspect of Gozo has tens of thousands’s of customers coming back to us for all their travel needs.  
  • Ubuqiutous reach  – we can serve you in almost every city and town across India),
  • amazing Reliability – you book a Gozo, you will get a cab. Each trip we serve is our most important trip of that hour or minute. Your trip needs to be delivered just like we commited to you as part of the terms and conditions. 
  • Easy to work with  – in any business, things can go wrong, but the strength lies in how quickly and easily can we fix it for you. This has been our goal and mantra. If a driver cancels at the last minute or a car breaks down, we arrange an alternate. Your flight is running late – we can get the driver to wait for you if he can or we arrange a new vehicle. Our goal is to make things easy for you as you travel because not everything is going to happen as planned but because we have planned for such events, it all looks easy. 

We are thankful for your business and the trust you have placed in us over the last 5 years. 

Stay safe. Travel safe. Go Gozo!



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The Power of Online reviews — Used or Misused?

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There is insane power in online reviews and honest crowdsourced reviews can say a lot about how a company treats its customers. That online reputation. is worth its weight in gold.

Customers trust online reviews because they *think* the crowdsourced nature of these online reviews help them see the real picture of how a company treats and serves its users.  Unfortunately, NOT all is how it appears. 

We founded Gozo with the aim to improve the ‘transparency’ and ‘quality of user experience’ in the road transportation market across India. Over the last 5 years, Gozo has grown steadily and spread its reach to every corner of the Great nation of India. 

“With great power comes great responsibility” – Winston Churchill 

We have had to deal with a variety of  challenges dealing with ‘dishonesty in online reputation’.  

Up until today, we’ve dealt with this by simply standardizing on Google & TripAdvisor as two external review websites who we have seen to be diligent in weeding out fake and/or  biased reviews. 

Then there were others who either were unable to police the reviews for bad behavior. And  businesses that prefer to abuse the great power vested in them by users who trust their data.  Considering that each business is built to its preferred ethical standard, we chose a handful of sites where we want our customers to share their feedback and grievances about Gozo.

We actively collect feedback from our customers and work to learn from & resolve their complaints. If we fall short or are unable to address things to a customer’s satisfaction, then the customer is free to tell the world about us and we prefer that you do so on platforms that strive to an ethical standard that we hold in high regard. 

If you place a review on websites that in our view do not live up to a honest quality standard, we do not respond as we have no way to establish your authenticity as a customer or the trustworthiness of the feedback.

While we continually find Gozo reviews on various platforms, we specifically have chosen to boycott  quite some time ago. After direct first-hand interactions with the MouthShut team we got direct view of their business model. We do not agree with the MouthShut approach and how they seem to have their business around monetizing any online business’s desire to have a positive online reputation, whether its deserving or not.

So far, I had thought these to be part of the business space and I did not feel this topic warranted any more attention . Some experiences we’ve had in the recent days have reminded me of the need to share this with our readers and customers. 

We are very thankful for the love and loyalty that our customers have bestowed on us. Each of us Gozens are mindful to to exercise extra diligence in our actions so we can deliver beyond your expectations anytime you bestow us with your trust in taking you safely from place A to B wherever you travel, whenever you do.

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Simple packing hacks for a hassle free travel

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Corona has left us all locked down at our homes and traveling has become a far fetched dream for all travel bugs. But we are confident that this too shall pass and we would again be free to be able to explore.
Now, what you pack in your bag for a trip or a vacation is something that affects your journey in a substantial way. Packing a bag, for many people, can be a difficult experience. But here are some tried and tested tips that can conserve space and save time.

simple-packing-hacks Continue reading “Simple packing hacks for a hassle free travel”

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Top 5 Birthday Destinations in India

best places to celebrate birthday in India
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Like they say- You don’t get older, you only get better. So why not make your birthday celebration better than ever? Beyond dinners, clubs, and pubs, there lies such great birthday destinations in India to celebrate your day in an unconventional way. And here we list the top 5 destinations for your upcoming birthday. Continue reading “Top 5 Birthday Destinations in India”

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