Building a new kind of travel company

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Gozo is almost 5 years old. We started on October 2015 with the central goal to build the most trusted travel experiences provider in India. 

Trust is the key for any successful business. 
Trust in our people. Trust in our customers. 
Trust in yourself to do the right thing. 

In the last 5 years we have come a long way. We started out with a focus on one-way travel across India.  We heavily to promote our message Travel one-way, Pay one-way. 

Slowly and steadily Gozo built itself into a company with amazing nationwide reach and great prices for customers. 

We did this by keeping great transparency  – not just within our teams (employees, vendors and drivers) but also with our customers. We continue to do this today.  For those of you who do not know why we created Gozo – 

Gozo was created on 4 pillars and we continue to march forward with those same principles as our guiding light

We use the acroynm PURE.  It stands for

  • Great Prices – We offer you the lowest possible price for a budget service, give you amazing price transparency and try to be upfront in disclosing all terms right when you create a booking.  By being honest, we tell you things you may or may not like to hear upfront but this one aspect of Gozo has tens of thousands’s of customers coming back to us for all their travel needs.  
  • Ubuqiutous reach  – we can serve you in almost every city and town across India),
  • amazing Reliability – you book a Gozo, you will get a cab. Each trip we serve is our most important trip of that hour or minute. Your trip needs to be delivered just like we commited to you as part of the terms and conditions. 
  • Easy to work with  – in any business, things can go wrong, but the strength lies in how quickly and easily can we fix it for you. This has been our goal and mantra. If a driver cancels at the last minute or a car breaks down, we arrange an alternate. Your flight is running late – we can get the driver to wait for you if he can or we arrange a new vehicle. Our goal is to make things easy for you as you travel because not everything is going to happen as planned but because we have planned for such events, it all looks easy. 

We are thankful for your business and the trust you have placed in us over the last 5 years. 

Stay safe. Travel safe. Go Gozo!



The Power of Online reviews — Used or Misused?

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There is insane power in online reviews and honest crowdsourced reviews can say a lot about how a company treats its customers. That online reputation. is worth its weight in gold.

Customers trust online reviews because they *think* the crowdsourced nature of these online reviews help them see the real picture of how a company treats and serves its users.  Unfortunately, NOT all is how it appears. 

We founded Gozo with the aim to improve the ‘transparency’ and ‘quality of user experience’ in the road transportation market across India. Over the last 5 years, Gozo has grown steadily and spread its reach to every corner of the Great nation of India. 

“With great power comes great responsibility” – Winston Churchill 

We have had to deal with a variety of  challenges dealing with ‘dishonesty in online reputation’.  

Up until today, we’ve dealt with this by simply standardizing on Google & TripAdvisor as two external review websites who we have seen to be diligent in weeding out fake and/or  biased reviews. 

Then there were others who either were unable to police the reviews for bad behavior. And  businesses that prefer to abuse the great power vested in them by users who trust their data.  Considering that each business is built to its preferred ethical standard, we chose a handful of sites where we want our customers to share their feedback and grievances about Gozo.

We actively collect feedback from our customers and work to learn from & resolve their complaints. If we fall short or are unable to address things to a customer’s satisfaction, then the customer is free to tell the world about us and we prefer that you do so on platforms that strive to an ethical standard that we hold in high regard. 

If you place a review on websites that in our view do not live up to a honest quality standard, we do not respond as we have no way to establish your authenticity as a customer or the trustworthiness of the feedback.

While we continually find Gozo reviews on various platforms, we specifically have chosen to boycott  quite some time ago. After direct first-hand interactions with the MouthShut team we got direct view of their business model. We do not agree with the MouthShut approach and how they seem to have their business around monetizing any online business’s desire to have a positive online reputation, whether its deserving or not.

So far, I had thought these to be part of the business space and I did not feel this topic warranted any more attention . Some experiences we’ve had in the recent days have reminded me of the need to share this with our readers and customers. 

We are very thankful for the love and loyalty that our customers have bestowed on us. Each of us Gozens are mindful to to exercise extra diligence in our actions so we can deliver beyond your expectations anytime you bestow us with your trust in taking you safely from place A to B wherever you travel, whenever you do.

What makes Gozocabs the best choice for outstation travel in India

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Gozocabs is India’s leader in chauffeur driven long-distance/intercity transportation. Consumers book cabs with us directly by phone, web or app. Thousands of businesses and travel agent partners depend on Gozo for reliable taxi transportation in every corner of India.

You can book outstation/intercity cabs for one-way, round-trips, preplanned packaged tours, and airport transfers with Gozocabs.

With Gozo, you always get 24×7 always-available, comfortable, reliable, convenient and on time long-distance travel across India. We are the home of pricing transparency, quality service and nationwide reach.

#1 Travel anywhere in India

We have 750+ cities and 10,000+ routes covered

#2 Book up to 3 months in advance

You can book cabs up to 3 months in advance and we assure pick-up on scheduled date and time.

#3 Travel one-way, Pay one-way

With Gozocabs, you need not pay the full/part of return fare like in traditional taxis.

#4 We have backups for unanticipated car breakdown

We verify the quality and standard of cabs reaching you. But, climate and road condition may get unpredictable at times. For such situation, we are ready with back-ups with our well-networked team. We ensure you reach your destination with comfort and in time.

#5 Pay with cash, card, wallet…So many options

There is no restriction on the mode of payment. Any mode of payment convenient to you is convenient for us.

#6 Quality service, Fair pricing

We make sure the cab reaching you is in fair condition, licensed, and registered. The Driver holds the valid driving license and vehicle papers.

There is no doubt about pricing, as the billing is system generated with inclusions and exclusions duly mentioned.

You can read more about our transparent billing policy here.

#7 Dedicated 24×7 support

We are always available on phone and email. You can reach out to us for booking, or any support services any time, any place.

Contact: (+91) 90518-77-000

Email: [email protected]

#8 You find a lower price, we will beat it.

We provide intercity travel services at the lowest possible price to make a win-win scenario for both users and taxi operators.

With Gozocabs, the best price is guaranteed!

Watch out for these common taxi scams…

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Here is a checklist of some common taxi scams and things to do and things to avoid when traveling outstation or long-distance by taxi in India.

  • Taxi meter broken  When traveling within the city, drivers will either refuse to use the taxi meter or claim that its broken. At the end of the they will try to charge you higher than what the fare should have been if you paid by meter. Use a service that either bills you by meter or has published fares. If you are going to be driving aroiund town a lot, you may be better of renting a chauffeur-driven car for the day. Gozo can help you with this.
  • Lack of pricing transparency ..or bait and switch pricing
    Many customers, even locals fall into this trap. When traveling intercity, you may be quoted the lowest price on a per km basis but later a variety of charges, including toll, taxes etc are piled on to your bill. Insist on getting clarity on what the final bill will cost.At Gozo we believe in 100% pricing transparency. At the time you make the reservation, your confirmation clearly spells out the included kms for your trip, the base fare, expected tolls/taxes etc and the per km charges if you were to drive extra on your trip. More so, we also call out if and when parking charges are included for your trip. All inclusions and exclusions are explicitly called out on your confirmation email.
  • Odometer scamWhen traveling long distance you are expected to pay for the number of kms travelled. In many a cases an unscrupulous driver might try to scam you by charging you for extra kms. Always insist that the driver reset the trip odometer at the start of the trip.
    Double check the odometer reading… Make sure you check if you read Odometer A or Odometer B. Or even better, get them to reset both the trip odometers (most cars have a Trip A and a Trip B). At the end of the trip, you can now trust the odometer reading.A common scam is where the driver resets one of the Trip odometers (Trip B) well before your pickup and then resets the other one (Trip A) at the start of your trip. And the end of the trip they would show you the one reading the higher value and get you to pay for more kms than what you travelled.
  • Cancellation charges
    Plans do change. So please get clarity on what cancellation charges you would have to pay if you do cancel your reservation. At Gozo, our cancellation policy is clearly spelled out on your confirmation.
  • Be careful with your luggage
    Make sure all your pieces are loaded in the car before you take a seat else you may be risking arriving without a piece of luggage
  • Timely service
    If you are making a reservation for a trip, then you expect the car to show up on time and get you on our way. Ensure that you have confirmed service with a dependable provider. At Gozo, we require our customers to reconfirm their trips so as to avoid last minute cancellations. A trip can be guaranteed by paying 15% advance or by reconfirming when we email/call to reconfirm your travel plans.
  • Lost or forgotten items  Always check for your belongings and keep and eye on them. When leaving the vehicle, make sure you take everything you arrived with.
  • Do you get roadside assistance?
    Breakdowns can happen on a long distance journey. You need to know that your provider can arrange for a replacement car to get you on your way without losing time or messing up your plans.Our premium tier of services include a provision for road-side assistance (thats explicitly called out in your confirmation if your purchase includes road-side assistance)
  • Licensed & Insured cabs
    In life you get what you pay for… Most providers offering cheap quotes tend to cut corners on their service. It is illegal to use a private vehicle for hired transportation of passengers in India. Only commercially licensed taxis which carry the pre-requisite insurance and permits are considered a legal taxi transport. Always ensure that before you board a taxi, the vehicle license plate has YELLOW letters on a black license plate.
  • Well maintained vehicles
    It is important that you know that your taxi is well maintained and taken care of. In the rainy season windshield wipers, tires with a good tread etc are of utmost importance. Gozo’s taxi inspection and approval process checks for these items and our field teams conduct inspections on the taxis’ on a periodic basis.
  • Avoid Sightseeing offer or local shopping recommendations
    Unless you have purchased sight-seeing as part of your purchase contract, avoid an offer from the driver to take you sight-seeing for cheap or sometimes even free.

    Never fall for this age-old trick. On the way, typically the driver makes small talk in an effort to win you over. Once he has your confidence, the driver suggests a pit stop at a recommended restaurant or shop. Even if the passenger resists, the driver may encourage a stop to “just take a look.” The next thing you know you are being pressured to buy something (generally overpriced and one in which the driver will be making a cut). If you find yourself in this situation, mention that a local friend is meeting you at your destination and you cannot be late. Act like you are familiar with the area to avoid unwanted suggestions.

  • Working Air conditioning in the vehicle
    Most taxi drivers in India will turn off the AC when driving on hilly areas to prevent overheating of the vehicle. Outside of hilly areas, the AC can be used at all times.
  • To avoid the above issues book with a dependable provider like Gozo
    Taxi operators working with Gozo, depend on Gozo to receive business on an ongoing basis. This gives us leverage with them to ensure that customers are treated fairly. Our drivers and operators will generally act in the best interest of the customer – we all want you to come back as a repeat customer.
    In addition, in the event there is an issue on the trip – a flat tire, an item you left behind we have a way to contact the driver and have them arrange for your item be returned. We believe firmly that people are generally honest and by treating our customers and operators well we are able to create a friendly environment that encourages more travel across India.


Escape the summer heat – Head to Manali!

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Summer has been very hot and we have been experience high demand for cooler destinations like Manali. Demand has been so high that many of our parnters are unable to arrange for vehicles at the regular price or arrange for vehicles at all sometimes. We at Gozo do our best to serve you and based on our philosophy we maintain the transparency and keep you updated on whats going on.


A Gozo customer just tweeted asking if the last minute call to tell them that we could’nt find a taxi at the quoted price was a sales markup tactic. No clearly not!. At Gozo we care about getting your business for a lifetime vs making a quick buck off you this one time. If we ever call you (we try hard to simply deal with such situations ourselves and will only call you after we have exhausted all options), its because none of the partners in our system that serve your route either have available cabs or are able to provide a cab at the quoted price as the market rate has shifted so much higher due to demand.

Anycase, enough talking about the pressures of high-demand in summer. Manali….

Manali is a gorgeous destination that offers different charms in every season. The weather in Manali ranges from cool to cold, making it ideal for escaping the summer heat of India or for enjoying activities in the snow of winter. In winter (October to February), average temperatures of Manali weather range -7°C to 10°C. In the summer (March to June), temperatures average 14°C to 20°C.

Many Indians flock to Manali in the summer as the hottest Manali weather gets is about 26°C, making it ideal for enjoying stunning local scenery.
Seasons in Manali:
Manali remains fairly hot and humid with the average high temperature of 25°C during the summer months, from late March till June. The last month of the season, that is June, is considered as the hottest month of the year when Manali gets around 30°C. Rainfall is common throughout the year in Manali. Summer gets more than 250mm of precipitation.
Rainy season
During July till October Manali gets abundant of rainfall. August with more than 220 of rainfall is considered as the wettest month of the year. The average high temperature of the season stays around 20°C while the low fluctuates between 8°C and 13°C.
Manali remains extremely cold in the winter months. Temperature often drops to -2°C during the season, from November till March. Besides, a moderate level of rainfall may force you to change your plans to visit outdoors. However, the average high increases as the season progresses, as February, the last month of the season, gets more than 12°C of average high temperature.
Go ahead and head to Manali this summer. Escape the scorching sun and enjoy the hills.