Best places for shopping in Raipur

Tribal ornaments- chhattisgarh
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Raipur is a cosmopolitan city in the Chhattisgarh state of India. Being the capital town, there are many national and international brands that you can shop at the bustling malls and individual outlets.

But when you are visiting a place, which is different from your own; to experience the culture and tradition, we suggest shopping local items. Therefore, the following is a list of some exceptional items that you can shop in Raipur. Continue reading “Best places for shopping in Raipur”

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Special things to shop from Mahabalipuram

seashell wall hanging
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If you are looking for shopping souvenirs from Mahabalipuram, you will find a number of items made from sandstone and seashells. And why not, Mahabalipuram is a coastal town.

Shopping stone sculptures in Mahabalipuram

You will find here mostly the sculptures are made of sandstone and granite stone. Although a miniature, still people follow the monolithic rock-cut carvings. (Actually, not rock but yes the sculptures are made from a single piece of stone :D). There are Hindu deities and replicas of the monuments from the place in their sculpture. There are several vendors along the beach selling these art pieces. You can bargain as well.

You can visit the Mount Road and Arjuna’s Penance in Mahabalipuram for stone sculptures.

Shopping stone sculptures in Mahabalipuram

Oh yes, you can also see people working on the art and they are friendly enough to hand you their chisel to try a chip.

Shopping seashell items in Mahabalipuram

You can find some very good seashell jewelry and showpieces along the streets of the popular monuments in Mahabalipuram. Again buy them directly from the artisans, the stores and emporiums are generally more pricey than buying from the artists themselves. Shore temple road is one such place to buy some good seashell items at a reasonable price.

Shopping seashell items in Mahabalipuram

The street vendors also sell leather sandals, pashmina shawls, bronze statues around the popular tourist places. There are even silk saree emporiums, but you can find better deals in Chennai for the same clothing. If you are looking for exclusive from Mahabalipuram, we suggest buying stone sculptures and seashell items.

You can also book AC cab in Mahabalipuram for your entire trip and hop around the streets for the best bargain and coastal shopping experience.

Here is a tip– Buy the sculptures from the interior streets or small roadsides rather than from the main road. You can save a lot on almost similar items.

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Authentic Jaisalmer shopping

Jaisalmer shopping
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Jaisalmer is a favorable place for shop-alcoholics. One can find here a range of sarees, handicrafts, puppets, decorative items, footwear, jewelry, just name it and it is available here.

If you ask us, what is that one thing to definitely get from Jaisalmer, we would say- grab the mirror work clutches and handbags. They are useful, traditional and gives a twist to your everyday look.

Also, since Jaisalmer is a desert area, you can find the authentic camel leather items, which are made from leather obtained after the animal dies. Well, here is a list of top things to shop from Jaisalmer and the popular markets. Continue reading “Authentic Jaisalmer shopping”

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Best things to buy from Pondicherry

Auroville-jewelry shopping
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Pondicherry is a great place to shop some exclusive and traditional items, which cannot be found anywhere else in India. No matter, e-commerce is making this possible, but the feeling of retail shopping, checking ourselves for the quality, and bargaining are the elements that cannot be compared online.

On your Pondicherry visit, you can purchase the following items.

Incense sticks and perfumed candles

When people call Pondicherry a spiritual heaven, it has to have the items that pleases our soul. One such place is the souvenir shop at Sri Aurobindo Ashram. You can buy here incense sticks, perfumed candles, and handmade paper items. These you can bring home for personal use or gifting the close ones.

Incense sticks- Pondicherry

Gold leaf jewelry from Auroville

Auroville presents a unique jewelry design technique- a thin leaf of gold is preserved between geometric shaped glass. It can be then worn as choker with leather thread or as a pendant with jewelry chains or bracelets.

Auroville-jewelry shopping

Well, there are many more interesting things to buy from Auroville. Some of them are-

  • Handmade soaps
  • Aromatherapy products
  • Candles
  • Organic consumer items, etc.

You can get these items at the visitors centre in Auroville.

Silk Sarees

The South Indian states are famous for the silk textiles. You can either buy the silk sarees from a variety of silk options or other silk fabrics like shawls, stoles, kurti, Sherwani, etc.

You can also visit the Anglo-French textile mill, a unit of Pondicherry Textile Corporation Ltd. It is one of India’s oldest operating mills. Though today, it is equipped with automatic looms, you can still feel the authentic production process. You can even purchase some good fabrics at unbelievable prices here.


Casablanca is a great place for purchasing home décor items, linen, and leather goods. Many items are of international brand here. Even if you are willing for shop, you can visit this place for refuelling your shopping spree.

You can also book a multi-city cab in Pondicherry and travel to your next destination, taking with you decades of relaxation.

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