How to reach Vellore

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Vellore is a historic city of Tamil Nadu state of India. It is a major center for medical tourism in India, homing the Christian Medical College & Hospital. The VIT University of Vellore is also important academia for Engineering and Management studies.

Mostly visited by students and parents seeking education guidance and admissions, Vellore is also an ancient town with the iconic Vellore Fort. If you are planning a Vellore trip, here is the routes suggestion. Continue reading “How to reach Vellore”

5 Quick getaways from Vellore

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Vellore is an important city located in the Tamil Nadu state of India. It is popular for the historic Vellore Fort and homes two important educational institutes of India- the VIT University and Christian Medical College & Hospital. There are a number of cool places to visit near Vellore.

If you are looking for quick getaways from Vellore, here is some suggestion. Continue reading “5 Quick getaways from Vellore”

Vellore: One-day trip planner

Route plan to spend one day in vellore
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Popular for the 16th-century Vellore Fort, Vellore is an important city of Tamil Nadu state of India. The city is located at the banks of the Palar river. Vellore is a historic town and a home to India’s top academia for engineering and medical. Although you can spend a week-long vacation, you can also plan one-day Vellore visit.

If you are on a short visit to Vellore, here is the suggestion for sightseeing. Continue reading “Vellore: One-day trip planner”