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If you have a remarkable experience touring a city in India, we invite your outlook to share with us.

The niche we cover-

  • Travelogue
  • Festivals and Celebrations and folklore associated with them
  • Traditional food
  • Lifestyle
  • Shopping guide
  • Picture story

Writing requirements-

  1. Article length– Minimum 1000 Words
  2. Pictures– maximum 3, source duly mentioned
  3. Authentic– Please ensure your content is plagiarism-free
  4. Relevant– Your content should be relevant and fit into the above-mentioned categories
  5. Links– We prefer adding credit and a byline with a link to your site.
  6. The published submissions become the property of Gozo Technologies Pvt Ltd and reserves rights for content distribution.

We reserve the right to edit your article if it is processed for publication. Also, we are entitled to accept or reject your submission.

Submission ethics-

The article you submit shall not be duplicated unless you hear from us. If your article is published on our blog, you should not copy the content or idea on any other sites, including your own. However, after 90 days from the date of publication, you can republish it with proper citation.

Please note, it might take up to a week to respond to your submission, but you will definitely hear from us!

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