Protect our communities while you ride during COVID-19

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It’s time for a new normal now and gone are the days when we could step out without a second thought. Living at the present, all that matters is to keep distance and avoid contact. We at Gozo, as an organization, have always tried to be the kind of people who look out for each other. Acting responsible as a community is the need of the hour. Staying home is the best thing you can do to protect yourself and others. However, if you need to take an essential trip during COVID-19, below are the precautionary measures that you are recommended to follow:

Stay home if you have any symptoms of COVID-19

If you think you have the virus or any related symptoms of the disease, staying home is the best way to help contain it and protect other people of the community.

Mask and sanitizer are must

A mask can help people who may have the virus (and are unaware of it) from transmitting it to others. Wear your mask before you get in the car and keep it on during the ride. Please remember to sanitize your hands before putting on, and taking off your mask.
Sanitize your hands before touching anything in the car. And please don’t leave trash behind. WHO recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds and using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content. If you have to cough or sneeze, do it into your elbow.

Take the back seat

Always maintain distance between yourself and your driver. Avoid any unnecessary contact with the driver throughout the ride. Handling your own luggage and paying online for the trip is a must to help in reducing the spread of the virus!

Keep the car windows down

Keep the windows open during your ride as long as possible. This would help in increasing the air circulation in the car.

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Guess our third destination

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We are here with the contest again!

Can you guess where are we going next? Let’s begin

Here are the first 2 clues ——–

1. This city is home to one of the largest observatories ever built in India.
2.  It is also famous for its gems and jewellery industry.

Next 2 clues coming up soon. Happy Guessing!

Have a look at the final clues——-

3. The city is famous for its Teej festival celebration
4. It is synonymous with the famous sweet – Ghevar

The answer is Jaipur!

Guess the place – Contest alert!

Building a new kind of travel company

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Gozo is almost 5 years old. We started on October 2015 with the central goal to build the most trusted travel experiences provider in India. 

Trust is the key for any successful business. 
Trust in our people. Trust in our customers. 
Trust in yourself to do the right thing. 

In the last 5 years we have come a long way. We started out with a focus on one-way travel across India.  We heavily to promote our message Travel one-way, Pay one-way. 

Slowly and steadily Gozo built itself into a company with amazing nationwide reach and great prices for customers. 

We did this by keeping great transparency  – not just within our teams (employees, vendors and drivers) but also with our customers. We continue to do this today.  For those of you who do not know why we created Gozo – 

Gozo was created on 4 pillars and we continue to march forward with those same principles as our guiding light

We use the acroynm PURE.  It stands for

  • Great Prices – We offer you the lowest possible price for a budget service, give you amazing price transparency and try to be upfront in disclosing all terms right when you create a booking.  By being honest, we tell you things you may or may not like to hear upfront but this one aspect of Gozo has tens of thousands’s of customers coming back to us for all their travel needs.  
  • Ubuqiutous reach  – we can serve you in almost every city and town across India),
  • amazing Reliability – you book a Gozo, you will get a cab. Each trip we serve is our most important trip of that hour or minute. Your trip needs to be delivered just like we commited to you as part of the terms and conditions. 
  • Easy to work with  – in any business, things can go wrong, but the strength lies in how quickly and easily can we fix it for you. This has been our goal and mantra. If a driver cancels at the last minute or a car breaks down, we arrange an alternate. Your flight is running late – we can get the driver to wait for you if he can or we arrange a new vehicle. Our goal is to make things easy for you as you travel because not everything is going to happen as planned but because we have planned for such events, it all looks easy. 

We are thankful for your business and the trust you have placed in us over the last 5 years. 

Stay safe. Travel safe. Go Gozo!



Flash sales on Gozo

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Someone today asked me how we are advertising such low prices for some routes on Flash Sale?

Flash sale is being directly created by vendors & drivers on their own app.
Here is how our DCOs & drivers can generate business for themselves.
Watch this video how to create a “My Cab is free” Promotion on the Gozo website.

Once you create your My cab is free listing… we will instantly advertise it on << Customer can book the car and we will direclty assign the booking to you.
*No bidding will happen* – booking will come directly to the vendor whose car is advertised.

We will also advertise your cab on

This is just one more way how Gozo is helping our driver partners get more business.  

Idhar udhar kyu khojo, just get a Gozo!

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Let’s head to our second destination

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Hello everyone. The week has already started and we are back with the contest again!

Let’s find out where we are heading next!

Here are the first 2 clues ——–

1. This city is India’s first planned city.
2.  It hosts the largest of Le Corbusier’s many Open Hand sculptures..

Next 2 clues coming up soon. Happy Guessing!

Last 2 clues to follow——–

3. It is home to one of the famous gardens in India.
4. The city derives it’s name from “Chandi Mandir”.

The answer is Chandigarh!

Guess the place – Contest alert!