Things to do in Jaipur

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In Jaipur, you can do several things that can make you feel like you are living in a past era. Following are the must to experience in Jaipur-

Elephant ride

Elephantastic elephants farm

There are two options for enjoying the elephant ride. One, the palace in which you are staying has an arrangement for a street tour on an elephant. Two, there is Elephantastic elephants farm, where you spend an entire day in the company of the elephant.

At Elephantastic, you can befriend an elephant, feed him, paint his trunk with organic colors, ride on it, and have mesmerizing pictures with it. So, when you return, you have a friend, who is an elephant!

Jeep Safari

Amer Jeep Safari

The Amer Jeep Safari takes you to the rural tour of Jaipur. The rural Jaipur is still untouched by the modernization. They live in the same tradition as their ancestors. In this safari, you can find groups of women walking to fetch water in their lehenga-choli, men with chilams, and many more.

Pottery making tour

Blue Pottery Art Centre

You can also visit the Blue Pottery Art Centre. They demonstrate how the pottery is made and decorated. It is a vanishing art form and the company’s efforts towards preserving it are worth appreciation. You can also buy art pieces and souvenirs from here.

Private traditional dinner

Private traditional dinner

Some families in Jaipur organize closed family dinners in traditional Rajasthani style. They host limited guests. You can ask in the place you are staying for one such experience.

The food is home cooked and gives you the feel of the family in a distant place.

Balloon safari

Balloon safari

You can take a tour of the city in the sky. Yes, Sky Waltz company operates its hot air balloon services in Jaipur. It takes you over forts and palaces, mountains, rivers, and colorful villages.

Textile shopping

Textile shopping

Here you can find some traditional and handwoven fabrics. You can also visit the small scale textile manufacturers, who still weave the designs on the loom.

Shop at Bapu Bazaar

7 Things Not To Miss When Shopping In Jaipur's Nehru And Bapu Bazaar – Jaipur Beat

The variety and the affordability of Bapu Bazaar in Jaipur allures customers to not miss an opportunity of being a shopaholic. Ranging from ethnic attires, camel leather items to mojri footwears and, handicrafts and jewelry, this place has it all. Make it a point to bargain while shopping here,

See a puppet show

Puppet Show Jaisalmer, India - Jaisalmer Puppet Show


Puppet show, popularly known as Kathputhli, is an important part of Rajasthan’s culture and heritage. This fun-filled act entwined with wonderful storylines and colorful puppets is sure to keep you engaged, especially the kids. You can go in for shows managed by private organizers but the one at Amber Fort is the most popular of all.


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