Jaipur’s special cuisine: A food tour

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00There are a number of fine dining restaurants in Jaipur who serve the traditional cuisine. The traditional food in Jaipur is spicy with an ample amount of Ghee (Saturated butter made from cow’s milk). If you are looking for special local food to experience, the following are our suggestion-

Dal Bati and Churma

Dal Bati Churma
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Dal Bati is a flagship dish of Rajasthan. Bati is a baked or deep-fried ball of flour. It is then dipped in ghee (butter). People in Jaipur, crush the Bati in dal and eat them with hands.

Churma is made of flour. Jaipurians, roast the dry wheat flour in ghee and add melted sugar and dry fruits to prepare this sweet dish.

Laal Maas

Laal Maas
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Laal Maas is a spicy, fiery lamb dish of Jaipur. Actually, it is popular in the entire Rajasthan. There are many restaurants that serve the authentic Laal Maas.

Keema Bati

Keema Bati
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Keema is a lump of minced meat and Bati is a type of hard, unleavened bread. Bati is either baked or deep-fried. Keema Bati is a non-vegetarian variation of Dal Bati. the Handi restaurant in Jaipur is famous for serving the original keema Bati in the city.


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Ghevar is a sweet dish. It is made of flour. It is deep fried and soaked in sugar syrup. This dish can be found in every street in Jaipur. It is also topped with condensed milk and cream to enhance the taste.


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Balushahi is again an all-purpose flour sweet dish. It is popular in many parts of India. You can find the rich balushahi, deep fried in ghee and loaded with dry fruits in Jaipur.

Kesar Kulfi

Kesar kulfi
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Kesar Kulfi is best to eat after a spicy dinner. It is an ice-cream made from milk, sugar, and saffron. You can find loads of dry fruits in the kulfi. It is a perfect showstopper of the Jaipur cuisine.


papri chaat
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The tangy, spicy chaat makes a perfect evening snack. Chaat is available almost everywhere in India. Jaipur’s special chaat is papri chaat. It is a lip-smacking and crunchy snack served on flat Indian biscuits.

Pyaz ki kachori

monsoon recipes: know how to make restaurant style crispy Pyaz Kachori Recipe in hindi - बारिश के मौसम में बनाएं गर्मा-गर्म प्याज की कचौरी, मानसून का मजा हो जाएगा दोगुना
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Jaipur is known for its pyaz ki kachori as the most eatable breakfast. Stuffed with spicy filling and served with chutney, this famous savory, it’s a snack that one would find at nooks and corners and almost every street food shop in Jaipur.


Gajak | District Gwalior, Government of Madhya Pradesh | India

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Gajak is widely available is norther part of India but the taste is a bit different in Jaipur and is considered as the traditional sweet dish of Rajasthan which is made out of pure ghee. The most well-known gajak seller in Jaipur is Narayan ji Gajak wale.

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