Warangal: A food guide

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Warangal caters the Telugu cuisine, the cuisine popular in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The general food preference of the natives is tangy flavor; however, one can find the diversity in food culture because of the diverse ethnic group living in the town.

Let’s have a look at some popular food of Warangal.

Rail Palaharam

Rail Palaharam
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It is a steam-cooked rice dish, popular in Warangal. Rice is their staple food and at least one meal comprises rice or rice dishes. Lentils like moong and urad dal and coconut are also the integral part of this dish. People make this dish with hand-blended spice mixture.

You can find this dish with street vendors too.

Sarva Pindi

Sarva Pindi
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Sarva Pindi is a spicy pancake and a staple breakfast in Warangal. It is made with rice flour, lentils, ginger, garlic, green chilies, sesame seeds, etc.

People also prefer this dish as an evening snack or a quick dish to serve guests.

Potlakaya Pulusu

Potlakaya Pulusu
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It is a snake gourd stew and people’s favorite in Warangal. This dish is typical of Telugu cuisine and not found everywhere in India.


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These are the steamed rice balls usually prepared as “prasadam” during religious festivals. The dish is also known as undrallu. To make this dish, rice is roughly ground and rolled into balls with binding agents. The dish is prepared in both sweet and savory versions.

To add to the richness of the dish, some people add stuffing like that in modak.


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Kadambam is again a rice preparation with ample tamarind. It is tamarind which gives a unique flavor to this dish. Chickpeas, peas, vegetables of all sort are also the part of this dish. It is a complete rice dish in itself like biryani.

The Telugu cuisine caters to a variety of delicacies and as we have seen rice or rice flour is integral in most of the dishes. A simple everyday meal prepared at home comprises at least 5 items. If you want to experience the food habit, you can eat a typical Andhra Thali for a meal. You can also book a cab in Warangal on the day-rental and enjoy your food trail.

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