Dear Delhi, Starting tonight take a Gozo for local travel in the Delhi NCR region!!

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Tonight NOVEMBER 1, 2022 is an ICONIC day in our journey.

Our loyal customers & taxi operator partners have been urging us to support them to travel EASY in-the-city as well. Uber & Ola’s commissions have been hurting taxi operators so our taxi partners & customers have asked us to extend our technology to intra-city travel. Tonight we are launching Gozo in-the-city services in the NCR region (beta release)

At the start of 2022, Gozo elevated our focus on Airport transfers across India. Today, Gozo provides Airport pickup & drop off services at all the major airports in India.

Now you can go point-to-point within-your-city at incredibly low prices.

Why is Gozo offering in-the-city services?

We’ve always had the technology to offer in-the-city services but our focus has been on #intercity cab transportation across India.

How is Gozo’s in-the-city / local point-to-point services going to be different than Uber or Ola?

  • Gozo’s point-to-point services are going to be quite different than Uber or Ola.
  • Gozo will not decide the prices. The prices will be decided by the taxi operators directly
  • Customers will request service by providing their pickup address, time of pickup and drop address.
  • Taxi operator will respond the price they wish to get paid for travel.
  • The customer will select the operator, make the advance payment and continue with service
  • For the first 3 months of service, Gozo will not take any “service fees” on the transaction. Our service fees when enabled will be kept low and shall never exceed 7% of the overall transaction amount.