Simple packing hacks for a hassle free travel

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Corona has left us all locked down at our homes and traveling has become a far fetched dream for all travel bugs. But we are confident that this too shall pass and we would again be free to be able to explore.
Now, what you pack in your bag for a trip or a vacation is something that affects your journey in a substantial way. Packing a bag, for many people, can be a difficult experience. But here are some tried and tested tips that can conserve space and save time.

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How do you pack your necklaces when traveling? We found an amazing travel packing hack

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We are always on the lookout for cool ways to pack efficiently and to travel light. Gozo is all about traveling safely comfortably and at ease. 

I’m a stylish girl and love to travel. As a Gozo employee, I go Gozo wherever I travel in India. As we Gozens say, Idhar udhar kyu khojo, just get  a Gozo. 

on my next trip, heres how I plan to keep my necklaces from tangling together. 

Ensure your necklaces are tangle-free by threading them through ...

I loved this trick …i hope you like it!