5 Fabulous Road Trips from Mumbai

Road trips from Mumbai - Cover
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Among the most populous tourist destinations in India, the life in Mumbai is quite soul-sapping for those who love to travel by road due to its grime and heavy traffic. Bored of spending weekends amidst these and want to rejoice and rejuvenate your mind and soul? Then a short road trip from Mumbai is the better choice for those who want to feel connected to the roads, nature, and the view. Luckily, the terrain of Western Ghats make for a lovely drive mostly, and sure to be an enlightening experience. Be it an off for a day, a weekend or a week, Pack your bags, start your motorbike or car and take off to these wonderful places near Mumbai. Here is the list of some fabulous road trips from Mumbai. Continue reading “5 Fabulous Road Trips from Mumbai”

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