Let us run your travel desk

As a business your employees or customers need travel services, lets us host your travel desk. Many hotel properties across India use Gozo as their travel partner and let us deal with all their vehicle reservations.

Your clients have to travel at short notice and travel plans change often. Moreover you want them to get reliable services as effective prices.

Gozo will host your virtual travel desk. Whether you are a hotel, hospital or business park, our call centers and app-enabled platform can enable visitors to get cabs to wherever they are traveling all over India.

Advantages of our travel desk services program:

  • Leverage our expansive network.
  • You don't have to host the travel desk. Simply put up posters, flyers and electronic instructions letting your clients to contact Gozo for their reservation.
  • We provide your client the convenience of booking via the app, online or simply by talking to our travel desk representatives.
  • Travel services can be co-branded in your company name. We use our network to get your employees and clients the most comfortable travel option for your need
  • Your clients receive a professional, world-class experience and you don't have to spend a thing for it.
  • Our travel desk plan can be customized for your needs.
  • Offer these advantages to your clients. They can use your business location code to book anytime using your negotiated rates.

Join our travel desk program now to get this and a lot more advantages. Simply write to partner@gozocabs.in with your Company name, contact Name, email and phone.