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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. What exactly is one-way drop?

    In a one-way drop booking, you take a transfer from one city to another only for the forward journey. Therefore you do not need to pay for the round trip, if you just need a drop. A one-way drop with Gozo is typically 10-50% cheaper than a round-trip journey. The price of the one-way trip is determined by our system automatically and is a function of the probability of the driver getting a fare for the return-journey

  2. Do I need to pay any extra amount apart from the one listed here on website?

    No, the amount listed on the website is the final amount you will need to Pay. Our quotes are commpletely transparent and we list all the applicable charges upfront. Most our trip quotes are inclusive of the toll tax, state tax and other charges. For all quotations, parking charges are not included and the client will be liable to pay extra charges for parking. Parking charges are typically Rs.150-300 in the case of most airport pickups.

  3. What if I have a lot of luggage to be carried during the journey?

    When making the reservation, please be clear on your requirements. You have the option to specify number of passengers, number of small and large luggage pieces and any special request. Our goal is to provide you with a quality service at a fair price. Information you provide us enables us to find the right vehicle that matches your requirements.

  4. Can I request my taxi to be waiting at a place (e.g airport or street intersection)?

    We require the the pickup address be a business address or a well known address. For the security of the driver, we do not accept 'street intersections' as pickup addresses.

  5. I have done my booking by phone, is toll included in the costs?

    Your booking confirmation is clear on all the items that are included in your trip quotation. Any city that you plan to visit should be explicitly listed in your trip plan. While we put all efforts to provide you quotes that are inclusive of toll tax, state tax and other charges for all one-way drops, for round-trip or multi-city trips we will exclude this items from the quotation. In anycase, your booking confirmation (booking contract) provides complete transparency on what is included in your trip plan and quote.

  6. I want to make a booking for a round-trip with Gozo cabs, can I do that?

    Gozo cabs specializes in inter-city transportation and focuses specifically on providing quality service at fair prices. You can make reservations on our platform (web, mobile app or helpline/phone) for one-way, round-trip or multi-city trips.

  7. What is the earliest I should make a reservation with Gozo?

    You may reserve with Gozo at anytime. We are open 24x7 and our platform automatically gets to work for arranging cabs - no human intervention required. However, the shorter the notice, fewer the choices and tighter the inventory in the market. While Gozo has the largest and most expansive network of inter-city taxis across the nation, our ability to avail you the highest quality and best pricing gets gradually diminished as the date of reservation gets closer to the journey date. As a best practice, make a reservation with us as quickly as you know of your plans. There is no charge to cancel a booking as long as you cancel more than 24hours in advance. We normally accept reservations upto 6months in advance, with most our customers sharing their plans with us atleast 3 months ahead.

  8. What is the best way to make a booking so I can get the best quality and good price?

    You can make a 'Pay Later' reservation weeks/months ahead, reconfirm your booking and make an online payment around a week or so in advance of the trip to get the best pricing (by avoiding the collect on delivery fee).

  9. What advantages do I get by booking in advance?

    There are many advantages to book in advance

    • Peace of mind ... we get to work in arranging a vehicle. Get a completely transparent, hassle-free reservation with Gozo
    • No risk...you can make a 'pay later' reservation and then pay online when plans firm up
    • In many cases, our trip concierges can be of help in recommending you places to stay, things to do and offer you additional resources for your vacation. we have an expansive network of travel operators who you can use as a resource. You can simply write to us at traveldesk (AT) gozocabs (dot) com
  10. Do you provide A/C cars?

    We provide only A/C cars. The A/C is expected to be always working. The only exception is for trips to hilly areas where the A/C needs to be turned off for driving in hilly region to prevent overload on the car engine.

  11. What car categories do you provide?

    We provide 4 types of cars :-

    • Economy - includes models like Indica and Indigo
    • Compact cars - includes models like Etios, D’zire
    • Family car - includes models like Xylo, Tavera
    • Family Lux - Innova

    Additional services like tempo traveller or buses can be arranged upon request, simply call our help line.

  12. Sometimes I find your prices are slightly higher compared to others on same routes. How do you justify that?

    Prices is what you pay and value is what you get. At Gozo, we focus on delivering the highest value for a fair price. In addition, our quotes are transparent with no pricing suprises later. Our philosophy is to not just get your business today but to get it forever after.

    Sure it is possible that you may get a quote lower than ours, and thats where its important that you compare apples to apples.

    When looking at a lower quote, here are some pricing traps to watch for....

    • Is the vehicle commmercial and driver commercially licensed? You do not want to travel in a private vehicle. Its not only illegal but also unsafe.
    • Private vehicles are either uninsured or inadequately insured, lack commercial permits, evade paying tourist taxes and fees and may be using drivers with questionable driving experience or records.
    • Quotes will only include base fare and may quote too few included kms
    • Those providers would add on daily driver allowances, state taxes, toll taxes, excess km charges to your final bill and lead to a unpleasant experience. Gozo will always provide you a written quote and its best that you compare our written quote with theirs. Transparent apples-apples comparison is best. You will find that in 99% of the situations Gozo will be customer-friendly.
  13. How many people can travel per taxi?

    Our seating configurations are listed when you are making a reservation. We typically list seating capacity as X +1 where X = number of passengers and the +1 is the chauffeur / driver.

  14. We have elderly travelers in the vehicle?

    We encourage you to make a note in your reservation under the additional requests section. We try our best to accomodate all additional requests but cannot commit to it for each reservation. This is why having your reservation and additional requests ahead of time helps us make the proper arrangements.

  15. Do you provide a tempo traveller for one-way trips?

    We can provide tempo travellers or other special vehicles for trips but we require advance notice. In general we do not provide one-way quotes for special vehicles.

  16. Why should I book in advance?

    We take pride in giving you the best quality vehicles for the lowest price possible. We do this by making sure that our drivers and cars are efficient and have enough business coming their way. We find it hard to schedule last minute trips as drivers and cars are already booked and hence rates for bookings made within 48 hours of a trip can be 15-25% higher than our normal rates.

    To avoid such situations we request that you book with us at least 21 or more days in advance.

    Gozocabs provides you a price and service guarantee for our trips. We are so confident of our service that we will match any written quotation you get from another reputable vendor. We work hard to screen cars and drivers for quality and hence we will not match low-balled pricing from providers with a questionable reputation.

  17. How can I get a bill/receipt for my trip?

    The bill/receipt for your trip can be retrieved by logging into your profile on www.gozocabs.com. Go into the My bookings section, select history and you can generate the receipt for any past trip.

  18. How can I edit my existing booking?

    Please visit

    signin or login. You can then make changes to your booking directly on the website by selecting the specific booking in booking history list. You can change your pickup date, time or add special instructions into the TEXT BOX.

  19. How can I cancel my booking?

    You may cancel your Booking with us by signin or login to our Mobile App or Website. All bookings cancelled less than 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time shall be subject to Cancellation & Refund Policy as laid down in our Terms & Conditions page on our website.

    Please DO NOT CALL the helpdesk / reservations desk for cancelling bookings as these bookings cannot be cancelled by the representatives.

  20. I'm hiring a car from Gozo. In the kms quoted on my fixed quote can I use the car for local travel before I leave the city?

    Gozo specializes in intercity transportation services. All vehicles you hire are quoted with a fixed amount of kms beyond which you will be paying a fixed km rate for all distance traveled on flat terrain. Your use of the vehicle is limited to the activities that are clearly listed on your booking confirmation (booking contract)

    Example 1: If you are traveling from City A to City B and back, then you may use the vehicle to leave from City A, goto City B, travel within City B (as long as its within the quoted kms) and return back to City A. If you desire to make short trips from City B to points of interest or tourist sites in towns/cities neighboring to City B, this needs to be clearly listed in your trip plan. If its not listed in your trip plan this activity is not included and will be chargeable as extra. The rate per km that gets billed will be higher for hilly roads vs flat terrain

    Example 2: If you are taking a one-way transfer from city A to city B, then you can only take the vehicle from your pickup address to your drop address. Any intermediate pickup points (pick a friend, drop a friend etc) will need to be specified in your booking confirmation (booking contract) and would be seperately billable if not listed on the contract.

    For all queries, please contact us at info@gozocabs.com or simply call our help line

  21. I'm going from City A to city B for x days. During that time i will travel to neighboring cities from city B - is that all included in my quoted kms?

    You have taken the vehicle for the allocated amount of kms and you are free to use the vehicle for that allocated amount of kms on flat terrain. Any trips you make outside of the cities listed in your itinerary may be chargeable at a higher rate per km. As a best practice, we require that all the cities that you plan to visit should be listed in your written trip itinerary provided to you by Gozo. This way you have complete clarity on the pricing for the trip and the driver and operator have received proper communication regarding your trip plan. This ensures that there is no confusion and the price we quote you at that time takes the trip plan into account.