Clients traveling in India? Idhar udhar kyu khojo, just get them a Gozo...

Arranging reliable & quality road-transportation in India can be difficult. You can't really take a trip without requiring a comfortable taxi on your journey.
Gozo has all your outstation taxi requirements covered. Whether your clients are traveling on a business trip, a vacation or simply visiting family in any part of India, we will arrange a outstation taxi for you.
Gozo's taxi network stretches from all major metropolitan cities to small rural districts across India. We're here when you need us - 24x7!
Join our travel partner program and get access to India's only central reservation platform for AC outstation taxi.
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There's so much to gain by being part of the family ...

  • Travel agents - get the best B2B rates directly on our travel portal
  • Hotels - Your front office can create bookings for customers on the Gozo spot kiosk. Just login and create pre-paid or post-paid bookings. Make money by enabling this new service from your front office.
  • Purchase pre-paid bookings at B2B rates from Gozo and sell at retail pricing - or - Simply create bookings and get a 'thank you' credit for the referral when the client completes the journey with us.
  • Get help from our 24x7 travel desk to quote custom itineraries
  • Use our portal to get competitive quotes for your itinerary. Reach 1000's of taxi operators with a single quote request
  • Use your client connections to generate business. Create the bookings and generate a healthy income in 'thank you' referral credits.

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