Join our agent network

As a travel agent, it can be hard to find good quality transport for your clients. You clients come to you for a booking and it takes you much effort to find a car. Why not let Gozo do the finding and getting the car organized.

Simply join our Agent network to take travel bookings and let Gozo do the rest. We match your clients requirement with available cars in our expansive network.

Advantages of our agent network:

  • Use our agent app to make bookings quickly and let Gozo do the rest
  • You can expand your services to include car reservations if you don't do this already. Gozo will take care of arranging the vehicles and ensuring that quality service is delivered.
  • Customers will receive an invoice for the bookings.
  • The booking can be co-branded or simply branded as a Gozo service.
  • The more you book the better your commissions get.
  • Use your client connections to generate business and pass the leads to Gozo. Make great commission in the process.

Open your business travel account for this and a lot more advantages. Write to use with your interest at [email protected], include your Company name, your contact name, email and phone

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