Lansdowne – An Adobe in the Clouds

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The crowing jewel of Garhwal Hills (Uttaranchal), Lansdowne is an exotic holiday destination for anyone who yearns for mental peace and rejuvenation. Placed at a height of 1,700 metres above sea level, this place got its name from Lord Lansdowne, an erstwhile Viceroy of India. Its salubrious weather and pristine environment make the city an ideal ‘Weekend Getaway’ spot for all Delhites. Located 260 kilometres north of New Delhi in the mountains of Uttarakhand, it takes just 7 hours to reach the city from the capital. It houses the headquarters of Garhwal Rifles, the eminent battalion of the Indian National Army. Endowed with a picturesque landscape, the city’s aura includes beautiful buildings, temples, museums and lakes. A perfect holiday destination for a ‘weekend quickie’, Lansdowne welcomes all its visitors with open arms and promises a visit to remember.

How to get there?

Delhi to Lansdowne Route
Delhi to Lansdowne Route

Cabs: Taxis and cabs are available from New Delhi to Lansdowne. Lansdowne is well connected by road through a network of state and national highways including NH24, NH58, NH119 and NH199. For families, booking a cab from Delhi to Lansdowne is recommended since it is convenient and takes lesser time. There are several prominent tour operators and cab providers that provide cabs on this route. For more information kindly contact us at

Trains: There is no direct train from New Delhi to Lansdowne. However, 2 trains leaving from Old Delhi Railway Station (namely Mussorie Express n Garhwal Express) take you to Kotdwar – a place 41 kilometres from Lansdowne. Beyond this place, you would have to book a cab to Lansdowne. Shared cabs for Lansdowne are also available. We would recommend going by Garhwal Express since it runs in the morning. Throughout its route, the train cuts through the gigantic mountains making it a treat for the eyes.

Buses: Travelling by road from Delhi to Lansdowne is much more convenient than by train. Private non-A/c and Volvo buses are available in plenty to travel from Delhi to Kotdwar. They leave from ISBT at a frequency of 3 hours every day. Flight: Lansdowne does not have an airport and Dehradun is the nearest airport connecting to Delhi. From the airport, taxis and cabs for Lansdowne are available costing about INR 2,000.

Where to Stay?

Budget Hotels: Ajanta Guest House, Lans View, Shri Gobind Highway Motel, Vinayak Resorts are the hotels in Lansdowne where you can stay for under INR 1,000 per night.

Mid-Range Hotels: Hotels in Lansdowne charging a tariff in range of INR 1,500 – 2,000 per night include Forest Palace, GMVN Lansdowne, Jadali Guest House, Shantiraj Resorts, The Oak Grave, Mayur Cottage. The ambience of these places is good, especially that of Forest Palace.

Classy Hotels: These are places that would ensure you have a stay to remember. Excellent service quality and food, amidst great locales, the tariff charged here would be in excess of INR 2,500 per night. These include Le Osh Hotel, Blue Pine Resort, The Garhwali Inn, Bright Sunny Pines Resort, Kasang Regency Resort, Lans Castle. Out of these we recommend Lans Castle for its hospitality!

Places to Visit!

Lansdowne is endowed with a natural beauty with its plush landscape and exotic terrain. It also houses some man-made architectural marvels that leave you intrigued.

War Memorial: Located at Parade Ground, this is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of renowned regiment, Garhwal Rifles.

Darwan Singh Museum
Darwan Singh Museum

Darwan Singh Museum: Consists of photographs of army, patriots in various wars, certificates and citations signed by the royalty, old uniforms, guns, real medals and weapons.

Garhwali Mess: Built in Jan 1888, it is one of the oldest buildings in Lansdowne and an integral part of the city’s heritage.

Tarkeshwar Temple_Lansdowne
Tarkeshwar Temple

Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple: A secluded temple amidst lush green forests of deodar trees, it is a magnificent sight to feel the calmness and enjoy nature free of urbanisation!

Tip-n-Top Point: It is the highest point of Lansdowne and the view of the Joshimath’s snow clad mountains from there is amazing; best time to go is early morning!

Tip-N-Top Point_Lansdowne
Tip-N-Top Point

Bhim Pakora: Cute place that has a stone which moves with thumb force but not on pushing by hand. Word of caution: the 2 km road from the main market to the place is badL!

Bhulla Tal Lake: Boating in the lake early morning refreshes and recharges you. You’ll get to see a lot of different birds in the vicinity. The nursery alongside the lake is good for buying different medicinal plants too. Try to walk down from Tip n Top hill to this lake!

Fun Stuff!

Camping in Lansdowne is possibleJ. Get your tents along and enjoy the night with a bonfire and soothing music. However, camping needs military’s permission. It is allowed in the Tarkeshwar Temple area after seeking permission from the temple priest. But the threat of wild animals including bears, boars and leopards is imminent.

Trekking at Lansdowne is easier than other hill stations since the stretches are not that steep. Also, there is a small nursery run by Garhwal regiment; you may buy plants from here!

Nearby Holiday Destinations!

In case you have time, there are places along the Delhi-Lansdowne route that are worth visiting!

Nearby places around Lansdowne
Nearby places around Lansdowne

Rudraprayag: A popular tourist and pilgrim site, it is 121 km from Lansdowne.

Haridwar: About 112 km from Lansdowne, it is one of the seven holiest cities of India.

Rishikesh: Renowned for its adventure sports like rafting, it is located at 129 km from Lansdowne.

Pauri: A quiet hill-station famous for its calm climate and green cover, it is 57 km from Lansdowne.

Where to Eat?

Gandhi Chowk area is the place to have our lunch or dinner. Momos of Hotel Zayaka and the gigantic Aloo parantha of Hotel Mayur are must haves.

Ideal Season!

The ideal season to visit the city is during the summers. April – September would be the peak with majority of the crowd coming from nearby cities like Delhi, NCR, Chandigarh and Dehradun. The weather is pleasant and the calm breezes would act as a tranquilizer from the hectic city life.

Ideal Time n Budget!

The ideal time needed to visit Lansdowne is around 2 days. A train or a cab can be taken from New Delhi to Lansdowne and you would be able to reach your destination the next morning. However, more than roaming around, just staying at this hill station would be an amazing experience. On a tight budget, you might be able to complete your entire trip within INR 2,500. However, a realistic and optimum range would be INR 5,000 per person for a good weekend stay at Lansdowne. And if you are in the mood to splurge, sky is the limit 😛

Gozocabs Celebrates its 4000th Booking

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As India approaches the dawn of a new government coming into power, we at Gozocabs also have something to cheer about. We recently received our 4000th Booking which marks a new milestone in our eventful journey. Within a span of nearly 18 months we have catered to a plethora of customers always keeping giving paramount importance to their preferences and priorities. And it has been one hell of a journey. In hindsight, it is probably fair to say that our goal of making a difference in the society is what prompted us to take the leap and quit of well cushioned MNC jobs. Currently, what we are feeling is exemplified by the age old adage – ‘With great power, comes great responsibility. We have a responsibility towards our existing stakeholders’ as well new members of the Gozo Community who keep joining us at various points throughout journey.We feel we’ve taken steps in the right direction and although there are ‘Miles to go before we sleep’, we are glad to have come this far! Our earnest endeavors would be to expand our operations from 17 cities currently to 50 cities by the end of this year. We would require your support for the same and an opportunity to serve you.

Happiness – The mantra at Gozocabs

Happiness -1
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Happiness -1
Most of us often wonder, ‘What is the secret to remaining happy’? Is it by doing things that one is passionate about? Does it mean having a good job and feeding one’s family? Is it about compromising in the present scenario to gain higher returns (monetary and non-monetary) in the future? Or does it involve helping others? Well, the answer is all of this and more! Every action of ours is governed by the thought of attaining happiness. All the goals that we set for ourselves and everything that we want to achieve in life, is driven by this simple motive. What most of fail to realize though is that it is not the ‘End’ that counts, but the ’Journey’ that makes us what we are! At Gozocabs, we feel that every day of ’Journey’ needs to be filled with ‘Happiness’.

Happiness -3“Gozo” in Spanish, means ‘Delight’. Our name epitomizes our philosophy of being happy and making others around us happy. Professionally, we would want to provide the best cab service facilities to our customers at the most subsidized rates, ensuring their happiness. But as people, our motto behind running Gozocabs is that we are happy to make a difference every day. We are passionate about working by ourselves instead of taking up a mundane job in an MNC and channelizing our energies for someone else. The challenges that we face on a daily basis, the quick decisions that we need to take in order to take satisfy our customers and the pleasure that we derive with each positive customer feedback gives us happiness.

We are cognizant of the fact that legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer and Lata Mangeshkar, have spent endless hours following their ‘passion’ which enabled them to accomplish the great things that they did.
Happiness -4They would have tried, failed, learnt from their mistakes and tried again. We believe in this philosophy of ‘trying’. We are as passionate for our venture, as these stalwarts were passionate for honing their skills in their respective fields. Our vision is to organize the inter-city cab market and to be a leader in introducing advanced technologies to make cab journey’s more efficient, affordable and hassle-free. Whether it is trying to build awareness about Gozocabs or trying to create a difference, we are learning and improving every day. We have that child-like enthusiasm to learn new things and the energy to take that extra step. For clients and employees alike our mantra is the same – Happiness. We would like to create an environment that makes us and people around us energetic, satisfied and hungry for more!!

Gozocabs Celebrates Valentine’s Day!!

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Valentine's Couple  With trembling feet and a nervous smile, the   guy waited for a reply,                                 She shrugged him off and her eyes implied:     “Thank you for the try”,                                 He still tried and still failed, yearning for the     right moment to say,                                     But this time round, she said “Yes”, cause it     was Valentine’s Day!

This is the power of Saint Valentine, the original ‘Love-Guru’. A girl on any normal day may slap you if you propose to her, but she can’t refuse you on Valentine’s Day. We believe that anything is possible; all it requires is a little push, little pull and 100% madness. On this day one person (usually a guy) professes his love for his partner (usually a girl :P) and irrespective of the answer he becomes a wiser person with each Valentine’s Day!

CupidHave you ever had this strange feeling of anxiety and longing in your heart on seeing someone? Did you get butterflies in your tummy while talking to someone special? Or if you haven’t experienced the above, do you remember ogling over the most beautiful girl in your class and not having the guts to go upto her. These are all symptoms of “Loveria” and indications that Cupid is nearby. And this would in turn translate into a gift that she (or he or them) would remember for a lifetime.

We at Gozocabs are there to help you in celebrating this festival of love. The best gift that you can give your beloved is your presence. We understand and value your time and emotions and would explain to you 3 simple steps to make this Valentine’s Day special:

Idea1)     Get a Date. In case you have been rejected or you are short of options, do not hesitate to call your friends (:P). We are sure some of them would be sailing in the same boat as you. Single friends are the next best thing to getting an actual date on this day. Point is – Have some around.

2)     Make a Commitment. No matter what you’ll be spending the night of 14th Feb, 2014 with him/her/them (in some tragic cases).

3)     Give a Gift. Book a cab with Gozocabs telling us when and where you want to picked up and dropped and we’ll do the needful for you!

So if you’re a techie working in Chandigarh or Jaipur and your partner is in a finance firm in Delhi, or if you are single (not by choice :P) who wants to spend time with his beloved

 single friends (may or may not be gay), then just dial +91-8288054205 and we’ll provide a cab at your doorstep to take you to your loved one. We would charge just a one way tariff so in case you want to spend some days at your destination you just need to pay a one-side fare. We’re offering 10% Valentine’s Week discount from 8th – 14th Feb, 2014. Use Coupon Code: VAL121 to avail the discount. Looking forward to serving you in the coming days and in future!!

Beyond Spirit Festival 2013 – Official Travel Partner

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We are very proud to announce our partnership with Beyond Spirit. Gozocabs is the official travel partner for the Beyond Spirit Festival 2013 being held from11th –12th May, 2013 at Kasol, Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

Beyond Spirits Festival - 2013

After the huge success of second edition of the festival, Beyond Spirit Festival is back to lift your soul above and beyond the realms of reality. The organizers enjoyed the impact the festival had on everyone in attendance, and they are back again, to re-gather that same magic and the aura of serenity. Held in Parvati Valley, Kasol, the open air festival celebrates love, unity and oneness.

There will be a lot of Live main stage acts by Major 7, Tube (Push Records), Dirty Saffi and many more and DJ sets by D-Addiction (Nano Records), SHN (Crystal Noize Project), and lots more during the 2 days.
The little town of Kasol in Himachal Pradesh is called the backpacker’s heaven. Imagine a town along one straight road. If you look down the road you can see the winding path leading to the town. If you see up the road, you always see snowy mountain peaks like a fixed view. It’s like a calendar in your room that was never flipped. A frozen pretty view. And when you combine this with psychadelic music, you have something that cannot and should not be missed. One can reach Kasol by own car, volvos or taxis. Call us at +91-9041311411 for any queries regarding taxis or the road conditions to Kasol! We will be happy to help.

For complete details about the festival, you can visit:

Read more about Kasol: Kasol – Backpackers Paradise