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Traveling by Taxi in India can be a rude awakening. Its been this way since forever. That’s why Gozo set out on a mission with our relaunch last year to straighten things out and get professionalism to a new level.

  • We have amazing customers – they love us! And their reviews directly show up on our website in real-time.
  • We love our customers and operator partners. We are fair and are actively involved in ensuring top quality service.
  • When you book with us you will be notified every step of the way as your booking changes. Yes, some people say we are too chatty and send you too many updates. But we rather keep you informed!
  • We offer you the BEST SERVICE IN THE INDUSTRY. We strive to be world-class in everything we do! Gozo will never lie to you. And Gozo will not tolerate anyone lying to you. We hold every member of our team and our partner network to a high ethical standard.
  • You can call us anytime 24x7!! And for any issues simply open a ticket with our helpdesk by writing to info@gozocabs.com

We do make mistakes sometimes, and we want you to let us know if we have an opportunity for improvement. We compete with ourselves to be better than us each and every day.

A few things you MUST know when traveling with Gozo.

  • We will go the extra mile to serve you right. We want you as a customer for life. Our repeat customers and referrals are the largest source of our business.
  • Our operators and partners are held to a high level of standard
    • a. You get to rate every trip. They get to rate you for every trip too. The customer is always right we know but we love our operators, cars and drivers too! So we listen to them as well
  • We are the ONLY COMPANY IN INDIA to provide you transparent fares and guaranteed pricing
    • a. The price we quote you includes the base fare, a fixed amount of prepaid kms included for your trip, toll and taxes we anticipate for the trip, estimated driver allowances and finally the GST and state taxes charged by the government.
    • b. WARNING: Be sure to do this clear comparison when comparing our prices with anyone else
  • Any price we quote you or any change we make to your booking is followed up with an SMS and/or email.
    • a. Our drivers or operators are NOT AUTHORIZED to negotiate prices or follow on trips with you.
  • You will ALWAYS GET A RECEIPT. Infact, your receipt is available for you directly from our website. Simply login to the website, goto my bookings and get the receipt for your booking
  • We TAKE SECURITY SERIOUSLY. And we need you to do your part.
    • a. We provide you the DRIVERS NAME and CAR NUMBER PLATE before you board
    • b. ALWAYS check the DRIVERS LICENSE and MATCH THE DRIVERS NAME AND CAR NUMBER PLATE BEFORE YOU BOARD a vehicle. Call GOZO if the information does not MATCH. Remember what our parents told us as kids – DO NOT RIDE WITH STRANGERS
    • c. MAKE SURE that your CAR is a COMMERCIAL TAXI. GOZO will only provide you COMMERCIAL TAXIS.
      • 1. A commercial taxi has a yellow license plate with the number written in black letters.
      • 2. Commercial vehicles have proper permits and insurance coverage.
      • 3. Private vehicles are meant for the owners personal use and are ILLEGAL for tourist travel. Unless the taxi has a yellow license plate (installed front and back of car), DO NOT RIDE.