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Get a flat ₹ 200/- discount for return transfer with the same vehicle and the same way.

Book Loha to Hubli-dharwad Cabs online with Gozocabs

  • Gozo cabs offer an online service for Loha to Hubli-dharwad cab booking at an affordable price. Book Loha to Hubli-dharwad online in advance for the best price and offers. Book one-way, multicity, roundtrip, package trips and many more for Loha to Hubli-dharwad and Hubli-dharwad to Loha with Gozo.

  • Loha to Hubli-dharwad travel options

    There are many ways to travel from Loha ​to Hubli-dharwad. This includes travel by cabs, flight, bus, train or in a personal taxi or a shared cab / carpool

  • Loha to Hubli-dharwad by Car

    Loha ​to Hubli-dharwad cab trip is the most enjoyable road trip option you can avail. Book online Loha ​to Hubli-dharwad taxi service with Gozocabs starting from Rs. 10314 and enjoy your road trip from Loha ​to Hubli-dharwad by car.

  • Book Loha to Hubli-dharwad Cab with Gozocabs

    Loha to Hubli-dharwad taxi travel is the most comfortable option. The most comfortable and speediest option for traveling short distances (150-300km) is to get an outstation taxi rental. However, if you are looking to go on a one way journey it's best to hire a chauffeur-driven one way Loha to Hubli-dharwad cab. There are options available to book a shared taxi if you are on a budget trip. If you are looking for a Loha to Hubli-dharwad taxi that is dedicated to your use you can find that as well. If you are keen on a low-cost option a shared taxi / carpooling from Loha to Hubli-dharwad can be cheaper than going by bus or train. A group of 2-3 travelers can travel by a sedan car and this most generally is a quick door-to-door transport, most comfortable and cheaper than that same group buying AC train or AC bus tickets. When booking a one-way Loha to Hubli-dharwad taxi, to get the cheapest rates you must book at least 5-10days in advance. This enables us to have the time to find you a taxi most suited for your travel plans.See our cheapest one-way taxi rates for traveling across India.

  • Loha to Hubli-dharwad Cab fare

    Loha to Hubli-dharwad online cab fare with Gozocabs starting from Rs. 10314 for Loha to Hubli-dharwad one way trip and Loha to Hubli-dharwad roundtrip taxi fare starting from Rs 15 /Km. Get discount and offers on booking Loha to Hubli-dharwad taxi online from gozocabs in advance.

  • Loha to Hubli-dharwad by Train

    India’s railway network is one the largest in the world. However our railway infrastructure is overburdened by our massive population and fast growing economy. We strongly suggest booking your train tickets well ahead in time. Traveling from Loha to Hubli-dharwad by train can be an amazing experience if you are prepared to be patient and go along for the experience. Railways are facing stiff competition from road transport.

  • Loha to Hubli-dharwad by Bus

    Travel by bus from Loha to Hubli-dharwad can be a great option. There are various bus services available from Loha to Hubli-dharwad. The time to travel by bus is dependant on India’s traffic, roads and climatic conditions.

  • Distance from ​​Loha to Hubli-dharwad by Car

    Distance from Loha ​to Hubli-dharwad ​by car is around 524 ​Kms. And the car trip is a great road trip you can experience. Loha ​to Hubli-dharwad ​cab travel offers great enjoyable experience.

  • Time requires for Loha ​to Hubli-dharwad by Car

    The time requires by car from Loha ​to Hubli-dharwad by road takes approximately 11 hours and 45 minutes depending on traffic. Please budget between 30-60 minutes for traffic.Book Loha ​to Hubli-dharwad taxi with Gozocabs for availing the most reliable taxi service in India.

  • Loha To Hubli-dharwad Cab Rental Prices & Options

    The cheapest car rental from Loha to Hubli-dharwad cab ​will cost you ​Rs. 10314 ​for a one way cab journey and for a round trip cab fare from Loha to Hubli-dharwad will cost you Rs 15 /km. A one way chauffeur-driven car rental saves you money vs having to pay for a round trip. It is also much more comfortable and convenient as you have a driver driving you in your dedicated car. Also you can book for Car Rental in Loha and Car rental in Hubli-dharwad for local sightseeing and hourly taxi bookings services with Gozo.

Vehicle Type Model Type Passenger Capacity Luggage Capacity Rate/km Fare

passengers and driver ₹15 10708
Indica, Swift, Alto, Ford Figo or equivalent 4passengers and driver 2 small ₹15 10314
Ertiga, Mahindra Xylo or equivalent 6passengers and driver 3 big 2 small ₹18 11895
Dzire, Toyota Etios, Tata Indigo or equivalent 4passengers and driver 2 big 1 small ₹15 10708

What are the car options available for Loha to Hubli-dharwad cab travel with Gozocabs?

For the comfort of your Loha to Hubli-dharwad taxi travel with Gozocabs we offers 4 seaters AC sedan cars (Dzire, Toyota Etios, Tata Indigo or equivalent) for small group of travellers, 4 seater AC Compact cars (Indica, Swift, Alto, Ford Figo or equivalent) and 7-9 seater AC SUV cars (Inova, Mahindra Xylo, Chevrolet Tavera or equivalent) for big group of travellers. For booking 14 seater car rental from Loha to Hubli-dharwad book Loha to Hubli-dharwad tempo traveller with gozocabs.

Which is the best Loha ​​to Hubli-dharwad taxi service?

There are many outstation taxi services that you can book either offline or online. Best is a relative term and it depends on what you prefer as a traveller. Most travelers prefer comfort, quality service at a reasonable price. Be careful when trying to haggle for the lowest priced or cheapest cab as you could open yourself to the risk of operators cutting corners in service and also over laying with hidden charges. Booking Loha to Hubli-dharwad taxi with Gozocabs offers hassle less and worry free online Taxi options.

Why is Gozo Cabs the best cab service for travel in India?

Gozo is continuously focused on being and staying as India's best taxi service for inter-city or outstation car hire with a driver. Gozo cabs are the best cab service to hire Loha to Hubli-dharwad cab service. Gozo is generally the cheapest in most regions as we keep our margins low and we keep our quality high by ensuring that our cabs and providers are inspected regularly. At the time of onboarding, the taxi operators are whetted for proper licenses and their ability to meet our quality bar. We also provide ongoing training to our drivers. But most importantly Gozo strives to be the best with our support and customer service. Gozo has great reviews on Google & TripAdvisor. Gozo was started with the focus of simplifying car hire for outstation trips and we specialize in one way cabs, round trip journeys and even multi city trips. Car rentals in Loha or Car rentals in Hubli-dharwad are also provided. We offer daily car rentals and also airport transfers in most cities across India.

Can I book shared taxi from Loha ​​to Hubli-dharwad?

Yes, you can book AC shared taxi and shuttle services from Loha to Hubli-dharwad. Gozo SHARE is a outstation shared taxi service which you can use to sell unused seats in the taxi that you have already booked with us or if you are looking to buy unused seats and carpool in a cab that someone else has booked. Gozo SHARE is our way to help customers save even more money when you are traveling by Gozo Cabs. If your travel plans are firm, book a Sedan Cab and use the option to “Book now & sell your unused seats”. If someone else is selling unused seats in their car, then you can simply book the seats that are being offered on our website.

What are the package available for Loha to Hubli-dharwad travel ?

There are many packages available for different types of interval as you want. Loha to Hubli-dharwad taxi service can also done in one to two days as well as you can also take long duration for travelling Loha to Hubli-dharwad. Taking Loha to Hubli-dharwad cab by road will give you an immersive experience which you will surely going to love. Check our package tour page for more information.

Why use Gozocabs from Loha ​​to Hubli-dharwad?

Our mission is to simplify inter-city travel Gozo means DELIGHT and JOY! Travelling with Gozocabs, you will be overjoyed. For we know what runs in your mind while booking an inter-city taxi:

  • You need to search for reliable inter-city taxi providers.
  • You need to talk to at least 3-4 Car Operators, compare and get the one with the best price and reputation.
  • You must decide if that operator will provide good service and honour time commitments.
  • You must ensure if the car will be in good condition, comfortable, commercially licensed with all the requisite permits.
  • Finally, you need to satisfy yourself if the driver will be well behaved, knowledgeable, and experienced.
Stop worrying and go Gozo!

Find the best prices, best services, well maintained & commercially licensed vehicles and courteous drivers with us! With our carefully & diligently selected network of reliable operators, we not only ensure easy bookings, quality service and best prices but also eliminate cancellations. All this with the ease of self-booking process through web and mobile app backed by a 24x7 tele helpline. So just book with us and allow us to delight you :)

What is the best time for renting a car with driver from Loha ​​to Hubli-dharwad

When renting a Loha ​to Hubli-dharwad cab, its best to book atleast 1-2 weeks ahead so you can get the best prices for a quality service. Last minute rentals are always expensive and there is a high chance that service would be compromised as even the taxi provider is limited to whatever vehicle is available at their disposal.

What things to look for when you book an outstation cab from Loha ​to Hubli-dharwad ​
  • You should ensure that a commercial taxi (yellow license plate) is being provided. Only commercial vehicles can legally transport passengers from one city to another. Commercial passenger vehicles have yellow colored license plates and are required to have the necessary transport permits.
  • Find if the route you will travel on has tolls. If yes, are tolls included in your booking quotation
  • When you are crossing state boundaries, state taxes are due. Preferably get a quotation with state taxes included else you are at the risk of being scammed again. Most taxi operators will pay for monthly or annual state tax on routes that they are commonly serving. By getting an inclusive quote, you are getting this benefit passed on to you. By getting a quote where taxes are excluded, you are going to have to pay the taxi operator and will most likely not get a receipt for the same
  • Price is great but service is what matters. So try to focus on service at a reasonable price. When you go for the cheapest, you will ending up getting what you pay for.

Little about Hubli-dharwad

Despite of being physically separate, the cities, Hubli and Dharwad are often referred to as ‘twin cities’ and is a part of a single municipal corporation in Karnataka. The two cities are separated by 20 kilometers and while Dharwad serves as the administrative center, the city of Hubli serves as a commercial hub. Hubli is not just the business hub of the municipal corporation Hubli-Dharwad but also the major trading center and industrial town in Karnataka. The city flourished in trade of cotton and iron during the reign of the Vijaynagar Kings and is still known for its handloom textiles. The city Dharwad has been an important learning center for arts and literature since the 12th Century AD. The region that contains the city of Dharwad has been ruled by the Chalukyas, the Bahmani Sultanate, Vijaynagar Empire, Mughals, Marathas, Mysore kingdom and eventually the British. The city due to this displays a wide plethora of culture. Top places to visit include 1. Chandramouleshwara Temple 2. Banashankari Temple 3. Nrupatunga Hill 4. Navagraha Teertha 5. Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden 6. Unkal Hill 7. Siddharoodha Math

For More info about Hubli-dharwad:
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The Journey From Loha ​​to Hubli-dharwad ​​by Car

Let's be honest here. Who does not love road trips? We've been fascinated with road trips ever since ​Dil Chahta Hai. ​​Add ​Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara ​​to it and voila, you have what is known as ​"Dream Trip"​​. The beauty of ​road trip ​​cannot be captured in words. Why wait? Book Loha to Hubli-dharwad taxi service with Gozocabs and enjoy your road trip

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With GOZO Cab Driver you don't have to bother about anything. Just sit back and enjoy the beauty.

FAQs on Loha to Hubli-dharwad Cabs

  1. 1. Is it safe to travel from Loha to Hubli-dharwad by car?
    Yes, it is safe to travel from Loha to Hubli-dharwad by road.However, as a precautionary measure, we recommend you to take your trip during the day and avoid traveling at night.
  2. 2. How much does Loha to Hubli-dharwad taxi cost?
    For one-way cab service with Gozocabs from Loha to Hubli-dharwad cab fare starts from Rs. 10314 and for round trip cab service starting from Rs 15 /Km for Loha to Hubli-dharwad. For best price on your travel date for various car rental options, please enter trip details and check.
  3. 3. What is the travel distance from Loha to Hubli-dharwad?
    The travel distance from Loha to Hubli-dharwad is approximately 524 ​Kms. It takes around 11 hours and 45 minutes.
  4. 4. What are the options available for Loha to Hubli-dharwad by car?
    The car options available from Loha to Hubli-dharwad by car are 4 seaters AC sedan cars (Dzire, Toyota Etios, Tata Indigo or equivalent) for small group of travellers, 4 seater AC Compact cars (Indica, Swift, Alto, Ford Figo or equivalent) and 7-9 seater AC SUV cars (Inova, Mahindra Xylo, Chevrolet Tavera or equivalent) and 12 to 16 seater AC tempo traveller.
  5. 5. Does price includes Driver charges and Night charges?
    Yes, our pricing policy is very transparent. All the prices includes distance, driver allowance, taxes, tolls etc. And if you are travelling in night then night charge would also be included.
  6. 6. Do I need to make payment in advance to book Loha to Hubli-dharwad cab?
    Yes, You need to just pay 10%-15% advance to book your hassle free and reliable Loha to Hubli-dharwad cab service at your doorstep.
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