What is the famous food in Pushkar

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“After a full belly, all is poetry.”

True that.

And with that essence, Pushkar is a town of melodies.

Although the main cuisine in Pushkar is Rajasthani, one can find random Kitchen influences here. For example, entire Pushkar serves the authentic European coffee. You can find Israeli food being served here, and the list goes on. In this read, we bring to you the exclusive food to try in Pushkar.


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Churan is basically a digestive powder, pill, or even sticky paste made with herbs and spices. It helps in easy digestion of food and taken after lunch and dinner. Unlike the digestive tablets, churans are tasty, tangy, and sometime sweet and spicy.

In Pushkar, you can find cart vendors selling Churan, especially around the Brahma temple. You can also bring home different varieties of Churan to enjoy during later days.


kulhad coffee
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As mentioned above, Pushkar serves the authentic European coffee. Maybe this influence is due to the British reign in India, but like they say- British went from India but left their Coffee in Pushkar.

Rabri Malpua

Rabri Malpua
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It is a satisfying dish to all the sweet toothed folks. Rabri is a condensed milk and Malpua is a deep fried flour preparation. You can find some very good Rabri Malpua at Sarvadia Sweet House in Pushkar.


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Poha is eaten in almost all parts of India. It is usually a morning breakfast made from rice flakes and with minimum spices. In Pushkar as well you can find ample Poha vendors in their cart or tea stall like set up. Among too many other delicacies in Pushkar, we have opted to mention Poha because it has a different feel here. It is garnished with tomatoes, onions, coriander, and lemon and is pocket-friendly like nothing else.

All we can say is that, do not go after how the food outlet looks in Pushkar. You may find them not renovated since ages, yet they serve the best of best food. You can also book a cab for your entire trip to Pushkar and enjoy your food trail along with sightseeing.

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