Outstation Cabs Offers: Gozo Cabs DOUBLE BACK offer on the roll

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With over 25,000 verified taxi drivers and vendors on its tech platform, Gozo Cabs is revolutionizing the outstation taxi travel in India. We all have faced if not often, at least once, the hassle with long-distance travel. Solving this nationwide problem of making road transport easier, comfortable, and even affordable; Gozo Cabs presents a DOUBLE BACK offer to customers. If you’re looking for outstation cabs offers, you must try this one, as you may find additional discounts plus a guaranteed service.

What is Gozo Cabs DOUBLE BACK offer?

Gozo Cabs DOUBLE BACK offer is Gozo’s promise towards zero booking cancellation. The offer states- “Book cabs and pay the advance amount at least 72 hours before your travel date and time. Gozo gives you 100% service guarantee. Just in case, Gozo fails to arrange a cab and cancels the booking, the company will refund you double the amount you advance paid at the time of booking.”

What’s more. Gozo will refund in HARD CASH! No future credit, no points, immediate cash back.

What management says about the DOUBLE BACK offer?

While booking online, customers worry about the car showing up. But, our team is confident in matching the traveler’s cabs requirements. Millions of customers are happy with Gozo Cabs services; especially the idea of paying one-way charges for a one-way trip. Happy customers are also our referrals who bring us more business.

To break the barrier and remove customer’s hesitation, we are introducing a DOUBLE BACK offer. This will help our potential customers try our services. We guarantee great service and we want more customers to try us. We always want: When once you go outstation, you always go GOZO!!.

How is the DOUBLE BACK offer a win-win

With Gozo, the customer always pays the advertised price. Once the customer pays the advance booking, there is no price change or surge.

In real-time if the transportation cost increases, Gozo is there to cover you and makes sure the customer gets the ride for the amount stated during booking. Now, the DOUBLE BACK offer is Gozo’s pursuit towards 100% service guarantee. If for any reason, Gozo is unable to arrange a cab, it will refund you twice the advance amount paid. It is indeed one of the best outstation cabs offers heard in the recent time.


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