An Amazing Kolkata to Digha road trip

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If you are looking for a short trip to a seaside destination and wishing to grab a great road trip experience then Kolkata to Digha road trip by car will be the best experience you can get which is within 200 KM one way. A chauffeur driven car will be a greater experience if you don’t love to drive too much. But driving your own car can also offer you a mesmerizing experience.  Well, you can grab a chauffeur driven Kolkata to Digha cab from Gozocabs starting at @2100.  Kolkata to Digha road trip will take 4-5 hours approximately and the best road trip you can experience with all the travel destination and the journey experience.

As a Kolkatan, you must know that the city is filled up with various historical places and various other places that mesmerize one’s memory and these places are great for short breaks. But in this article we are going to tell you about a place which will require at least 2 days to enjoy the fullest and with a road trip by car will be the best moment you will get.

There are many more road trip experiences available around kolkata like you can go to Bishnupur, Mandarmani, Ayodhya Hills (Purulia), Santiniketan, etc. But while you have a slightly tight budget and you want to experience a Road trip by car then  Kolkata to Digha by car will be the best possible experience and option you can get. Digha is a very popular beach destination you can enjoy with your family, friends, kids, and whoever you want to go with. Digha attracts a lot of visitors annually and is a very popular destination. If you are from outside of Kolkata and to enjoy a short time then you can also choose Digha as your sea shore destination.

Kolkata to Digha by car is said to be the most amazing road trip destination under 200 KMs.

Kolkata to Digha travel Options :

Kolkata to Digha is around  190 KM in distance via NH16-NH116B route and it would take 3-4 hours by car. and the cost is also budget friendly. A one way road trip from Kolkata to Digha would cost you around Rs 2200/-.

Book cab in advance to avoid rush hour pricing and to get affordable cab service at your doorstep. So that your memorable road trip by car becomes hassle free.

Well, a road trips from Kolkata to Digha or from Digha to Kolkata will be the most amazing journey you can experience because the smooth road, the greenery-laden journey, and the abundance of eateries along the way will surely grab your attention to visit by car. Who went by cab to Digha from Kolkata would surely love to go by road because of the lovely road trip experience.

The other options available are:

Kolkata to Digha by Car :

Well, Kolkata to Digha by car or by cab is always a beautiful and mesmerizing journey. There are many cab companies available with which you can take a Kolkata to Digha by car trip. It will take around 4 hours or less to visit Digha from Kolkata. And for a One-way Kolkata to Digha car fare will cost around @2200 with Gozocabs. You can also opt for your own car if you enjoy driving.  But for hassle-less journeys book your best trip with Gozo to ensure a comfortable journey with our experienced drivers and sanitized cab services.

Kolkata to Digha by Bus : 

There are many buses available from Kolkata to Digha Bus which will cost you arround Rs200 for a Non AC bus and around RS 500 for AC bus and will take 4-5 hours to reach from Kolkata to Digha by Bus.

Book bus tickets from bus booking websites or visit the WBSCTE office for detailed pricing and advance booking.

Kolkata to Digha by Train :  

There are 3 trains available from Howrah station to Digha Flag Station.

  • 12857 Tamralipta Express –  starts from Howrah railway station at 06:35 AM and runs all day
  • 12847 Howrah-Digha Super AC express – starts from Howrah railway station at 11:10 AM and runs all day.
  • 228/97 Kandari Express – starts from Howrah railway station at 14:15 PM and runs all day.

You need to book train tickets before boarding as this place is a great tourist destination. Also, you can grab a general compartment, but we will advise you to book train tickets in advance before boarding.  Visit online websites or visit the railway ticket counter to book your train ticket.

Kolkata to Digha Distance :

To experience the heavenly beauty of the highway away from Kolkata then Kolkata to Digha by Cab or by Bike is excellent.  This is around 183 KM from Kolkata to Digha. You will experience the speed with your car or bike but be careful. From the daily chaotic life of the city leave away and visit this place driving will be a great short weekend to experience.

Perfect time to Visit Digha by road trip :

To enjoy the beauty of Digha and the road trip plan your journey from September to April during the Autumn. To visit in the winter please take care to carry and wear jackets as a road trip will be cool in the winter. Best to visit in Sept to Nov and Feb to April as this time bike riding or traveling by car would be the best enjoyable. By the way, you can always and any time of the year take a road trip to Digha.

Where to stay and What to eat:

Well, there are various hotels in both New Digha and Old Digha. Just book in advance to enjoy a hassle-free stay. try to take hotels near to the sea beach so that going to the beach doesn’t take much time. There are many hotels according to your budget ranging from two star to five stars choose the best hotel for yourself and for your family or friends.

The Digha is great for seafood you can find ample stalls at the seaside or hotels where you can get mouth watering seafood. Also, you can easily get Bengali dishes, but best to enjoy the seafood as you are in the place of getting the best seafood in the seashore.

What to Do in Digha :

Digha has a lot of places to explore around it if you’re up to some driving or traveling around. There is the Marine Station of the Zoological Survey of India, which is interestingly one of the most well-equipped marine aquariums in India. There you will find a host of specimens, especially the local fishes of the Bay of Bengal. There is also a temple around 8 kilometers from Digha called Chandaneshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. You might find it super crowded around New Year’s though (that’s the time for the annual pilgrimage), but it’s a good visit otherwise.

Visit the seashore, take bath in the sea as both old and New Digha caters to bathing. In New Digha, you can go motor boating and these boats will actually take you far from the sea making your ride a bit adventurous. At Amaravati Park, you can go for such rides and ropeway rides for a very nominal fare. Here you can spend quality time with your family and friends.

There are also other spots nearby Digha to visit such as Udaipur beach, Tajpur beach, and Talsari Beach that also have beaches which you can visit around the afternoon. You should definitely not miss out on visiting the fish market at Mohona in the morning. In the evening take a stroll by the beaches of old Digha while sipping in some hot coffee or chai. You can shop selling souvenirs, artifacts, and handicrafts.

Last but not least is a must-see sunrise and sunset at the beach which will be one of the best experiences that you might experience being in Digha.

Timing to Visit Digha :

Digha is always great for a short weekend, you can visit this place anytime in the year. Just try to avoid this place in the rainy season, as because you will just miss the thrill and enjoyment of visiting the place.  Autumn is a perfect time to visit this place. visit from  September to march as this time the weather also keeps beautiful and the face of Digha is worth seeing.  Enjoy a short weekend to Digha by car from Gozo at an affordable cost and enjoy a few days from daily city chaotic life.

Frequently asked questions :

 When is the best time to visit Digha?

Digha is a place where you can plan anytime of the year but its best to visit during September to March and try to avoid the rainy season.

What’s the specialty of visiting Digha by road from Kolkata?

Road trips are extremely beautiful. And a short trip from Kolkata to Digha by car is great for a short weekend gateway,

 What’s the distance from Digha to Kolkata by road?

The distance from Kolkata to Digha by road is around 185 KM. And this is also considered as best road experience under 200 Kms.

What are the travel options available?

For a short Kolkata to Digha weekend gateway trip traveling by car is extremely exciting. You can also take Bus or Train from Kolkata to Digha or vice versa.

Visit this amazing Weekend destination for a short trip by taking a car service at an affordable cost from Gozocabs. For booking head over to  for Kolkata to Digha or call at (+91) 90518-77-000 for bookings.






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