5 Beautiful places to visit near Munnar

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Munnar is a lovely hill station of Kerala. As picturesque it is, nearby places are equally beautiful. If you wish to explore some cool places near Munnar,  this list can help.


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Kochi is also known as Cochin and is a coastal town of Kerala state. It has been a port since 1341. Some of the popular sites in Kochi include-

  • Ernakulam Shiva temple
  • Hill Palace
  • Indian Naval Maritime Museum
  • Antique Museum
  • Kochi Fort

Distance between Munnar and Kochi: 131 kilometers, 4 hours drive

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Puthenmalika palace, Thiruvananthapuram
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Thiruvananthapuram is also called as Trivandrum and is the capital city of Kerala. The place displays the British colonial architecture and presents several art galleries. The must visit place in Thiruvananthapuram is the Kuthira Malika also called the Puthenmalika palace, which presents a sneak peek into the Travancore Royal Family’s lifestyle.

Distance between Munnar and Thiruvananthapuram: 285 kilometers, 7 hours drive

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Madurai is an important town in Tamilnadu, famous for the Meenakshi Amman temple. The city also presents the historical traces of the dynasties like Chola, Pandya, Nayaks, to name a few. The place is worth a visit, especially when you have an interest in history.

Distance between Munnar and Madurai: 153 kilometers, 4.5 hours drive

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Ooty is also known as Udhagamandalam and is a popular hill station in Tamilnadu. The popular sites in Ooty include-

  • Government rose garden
  • St. Stephen’s church
  • Mukurthi National Park
  • Botanical garden

Distance between Munnar and Ooty: 241 kilometers, 7 hours drive

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Coimbatore is famous for Marudamalai temple, built during the Dravidians time. Some of the main attractions of Coimbatore include-

  • Anamalai tiger reserve
  • Dhyanalinga
  • Monkey falls
  • Siruvani waterfalls
  • Marudamalai temple

Distance between Munnar and Coimbatore: 158 kilometers, 4.5 hours drive

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